Filing For Divorce

Filing for divorce is a tremendous challenge for any family. Whether it is contested and litigated in a court of law, or an uncontested matter handled by attorneys, it affects the couple, their children and other loved ones. At McCormick Law Offices in Cranston, we understand that this mix of emotional, financial and legal issues can be stressful and challenging.

We sit down with clients during initial consultation to discuss their needs and legal goals. With three decades of experience handling family law issues in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we can outline an effective strategy that we believe best protects the individual and parental rights of our clients. Sometimes this can involve a lengthy court battle, particularly if a spouse is negotiating in bad faith or tries to hide assets, but we try to avoid the court because it is more expensive, more stressful and takes longer. Regardless of the situation, we work hands-on to resolve your divorce issues.

Issues To Consider In Filing For Divorce

Those legally married have signed a contract, which means there are a number of legal and financial issues to resolve. These include:

  • Uncontested or contested: As stated above, an uncontested divorce avoids expense, stress and other issues, which can help the transition to parents living in separate homes.
  • Child custody and parenting plans: We strive to create arrangements that are in the best interests of the children while also addressing the needs of parents.
  • Property division: Including nearly everything acquired during marriage, marital assets are divided in a fair and equitable manner, which is not the same as 50-50.
  • Child support: The state uses an equation that uses gross income of spouses, number of children and other unique factors.
  • Alimony or spousal support: This depends on the age, health, ability to earn a living and other factors, but will likely be temporary instead of ongoing.
  • Enforcement: Our lawyer can take your case to court if your former spouse is not honoring the agreement.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Divorce

Not sure where to start? We can guide you through the process in an effective yet straightforward way that outlines all the important decisions and their consequences. Call our office at 401-406-7155, or send us a message to schedule an appointment. Initial consultations are free.