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Car Accident

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Car Accident

Motor Vehicle Accidents

No one who drives in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and throughout the region goes far before seeing the remains of recent vehicle accident. It is not uncommon to even get stuck in traffic because of a wreck or a fender bender. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2.5 million drivers are injured each year in the U.S., and they cause a death every 12 to 15 minutes. While sometimes these are the result of mechanical malfunction or environmental factors, the more likely reason is driver error.

At McCormick Law Offices, we help victims here in Cranston and the surrounding area who are injured in a car crash. Many of clients suffer injuries that take months to recover from or suffer permanent disabilities like brain damage, back injury, amputation and other types of trauma that have a lasting impact. Sometimes crashes can even lead to wrongful death. These cases are often complicated and can stretch out over the course of months, so an attorney with experience handling them is a necessity.

How We Approach A Case

We are committed to helping injury victims. Regardless of whether it involves a truck, car, motorcycle, bike or even a pedestrian, we aggressively strive to build the strongest possible case to protect your rights. This likely includes:

  • Representing you in negotiations or in court, or fighting for your right to proper compensation
  • Interviewing witnesses to see if the official report missed anything
  • Handling all interactions with the insurance company to help ensure they pay the proper amount of compensation
  • Examining police report and conducting additional investigation if necessary
  • Helping clients find proper medical care if necessary

Type of Personal Injury Case

Motor Vehicle Accidents are a type of Personal Injury case that the Ed McCormick Law Offices are both experienced, knowledgeable and great at bringing cases to settlement rather than trial.

No Fee Unless Successful

The nature of these cases create a situation where the person injured may not have the resources to hire a lawyer but still need representation.  In these situations, Attorney Ed McCormick will not be compensated unless the verdict is in your favor.  Car accidents are not something that should be handled by someone inexperienced, Ed will advise you on your best option to get the compensation you deserve.

Pedestrian Involvement

In most cases a pedestrian that is struck by a car will be less at fault that the person that hit you. Depending on the circumstances, you could also have a claim brought against you if you weren’t following the law by not using a crosswalk or being unsafe when the accident occurred.

An Attorney Can Be A Tremendous Asset

These auto accidents are life-changing events. It is crucial to seek medical help to get the medical assistance you need and to document these injuries. Ed McCormick’s experience and hands-on approach mean he is a lawyer who walks you and your family members through the process in a clear and straightforward manner. That way you can make legal decisions with the certainty that you have considered all available facts.